About Us

About Us

Micolli Films project was founded some years ago. The Micolli Films approach Stories are the way we discover our world and how we relate it. Stories give us something to rally around. They push us out of our temperature and force us to think about new ways of doing things. Micolli Films connects with its audiences through creative storytelling. We apply narrative principles to everything we tend to manufacture. We don’t want audiences to sit back and watch. We want them to lean forward and participate. We want our work to feature to their lives why indigo productions? Because we are unreasonably ambitious. We want to form the most straightforward action and be the simplest place to figures. We believe that lovely ideas are a decisive advantage. A great plan will persuade the blind to see suddenly. The deaf to finally hear. We conjointly believe ideas area unit solely nice after they area unit formed and created tolerably and quick enough to grant shoppers a competitive advantage. We welcome the impossible idea. When it involves our clients’ ambitions and aspirations, we believe we can accomplish anything. 



Bringing the concept to life with a thorough logistical game plan, artful, creative execution, and killer on the set snack.

Pre-wedding Shot

Taking time to clients shoot before their big day and spending time to know what they will like.

Creative development

Carefully listening to your brand objectives and crafting them into a thoughtful, practical, and well-seasoned conceptual dish.


Honing the best moments from your shoot into a cruise missile of meaning and feelings.

Music Videos

We give out good, clear and quality music video that look attractive.

Corporate Videos

Capture a corporate conference, develop corporate training videos, enhance your marketing strategy, or promote your business.

Brand Videos

Great for business, technology, energy and finance industries.

Commercial Videos

Coming up with concepts for commercial video ads are one of the more exciting jobs we get to do around here.