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Micolli Films excels in cinematic wedding films, blending compelling visuals with documentary-style storytelling and narration, committed to crafting attractive, smooth videos that capture true love stories.

About Us

Having work from a diverse career in TV, covering sports and commercials. Transitioning to wedding cinematographer was initially a hobby but soon became a passion. With a strong admiration for cinema, my inspiration came from a notable cinematographer, striving to produce the best possible movies we have seen. My goal is to capture and convey authentic love stories through a documentary-style approach with narrative elements, ensuring each film is of high quality and tailored to each couple’s unique personality.
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Emmanuel & Tanya

We were very pleased with Micolli Films for their professionalism and seamless teamwork in capturing your wedding. Their film deeply moved me, creating a cherished memory..

Kenechi & Okenwa

Making the trip from the United States to the UK for my wedding was a huge step, and choosing Micolli Films on your friend's advice turned out to be an excellent decision. They exceeded expectations, documenting my ceremony with top-notch professionalism. The fact that the final film stands out as unique and continues to bring me and my wife joy. The quality and effort they dedicated to capturing our special day. Having such a meaningful memento to look back was incredibly special..

Stephanie & Adrain

We are pleased we choose Micolli Films as our wedding videography. The fact that Micolli too his time to personally reach out, get to know me and your partner, to understand our personalities speaks volumes about his commitment. Entrusting him with the creative freedom to capture everything naturally has clearly paid off, judging by how much joy and emotion our wedding video has brought us. Micolli and his team were not just service providers but a delightful addition to your special day, and their work is something we are rightfully proud of.

Joel & Jade

Micolli films was recommended by a friend, and he came through for you on your wedding day, meticulously capturing every moment. Their presence was a delightful addition to your celebration. Both myself and your wife adore the wedding film they created, with the dancing segment standing out as a particular source of joy for me. It gives me a treasure trove of memories to enjoy for many years ahead.

Charles & Mary

Micolli Films and their team met my high expectations, delivering on their promise as elite videographers. We were satisfied with their work and the wedding films they produced really speaks to the quality of their service. They perfectly captured the essence of your special day!.